About Us
Greener World Group is a company that was born by the fusion of 3 company that has a large and traditional experience at exporting fresh fruits and industrialized products such as sugar cookies, skins, and protein.
Our history starts in 1959 when the Moraes Family build a small company for the commerce of fresh fruits in the city of Sao Paulo, by the time they start their own produce of Citrus becoming one of the most prominent companies at the market of fresh fruits destinated to industries and final consumers.
By the 1980's Carvalho Family build an small industry that was able to sell and connect industrial companies around the world supplying industrialized foods, fresh fruits and protein, after such a huge success Carvalho Family starts a new company in 1989 to produce and supply with high-end quality and environment friendly products that would be used at their own farms and partners to reduce  the impact of agrotoxic products
Today due to the acceleration of the international markets and the search for quality and prices These Three companies become the Green World Group, that supply at high-end quality a large range of products.


Where We Are










GWGroup Headquarters is located in Ribeirao Preto - Sp this is a proeminent region of Brasil where we can find big farms  and industries our location make possible to us to get access to our farms around, Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais and Parana and reduce energy consumption to transport our products due to the small distances between our distribuition units to ports and airports

Places and Products